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On 23rd May 1995 there was a meeting of the Newick Conservation Areas Protection Group (NCAPG). This group was created to act as a forum to discuss planning and other issues likely to affect Newick, in particular the Conservation Areas and to make the collective view of concerned local residents known to planning and other authorities. The Steering Committee names were John Ash, David Hutchinson, Sue Davis, Geoff Ellsworth, Christopher Hipwell, Phil Smith and Dick Starling.

On 13th November 1995 the Group changed the name to the Newick Conservation Group, to give it wider appeal. Meetings continued in January and February 1996.

On 18th March 1996 the group changed the name to the Newick Village Society. Meetings were held, and the first Annual General Meeting was on 14th August 1996.

This 1995/1996 period was when there was pressure to build houses at the field by the Telephone Exchange in Goldbridge Road. The Society objected to the District Council's support of that idea, and we were successful in helping to stop that development, so that gave the Society confidence in its role of questioning the District Council's decision-making on the future of Newick.

The Society has been consistent since then in saying that Newick doesn't need major expansion. The village has been dramatically expanded already in the 1960-70s. We are not a dying village. It is a thriving community and doesn't need masses of new houses to keep it alive. See Planning.

Also see Events for plenty of other functions and causes in which we have been involved.

We welcome keeping alive the many societies and clubs in the village which can bring people together. The Society is all for promoting friendship, goodwill and community action that leads to a strong village spirit. The Society is non-political.

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